CUPRA teases Tavascan with the reveal of the 2023 Primavera Sound line-up

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CUPRA’s collaboration with Europe’s leading festival, Primavera Sound, moves on to its next chapter in 2023, with a new year providing exciting opportunities.


The next edition will bring the latest and best musical talent not only to Barcelona, but also, for the first time ever, Madrid. CUPRA and Primavera Sound will introduce the two events’ line-up, the same for both cities, and a glimpse of CUPRA’s future in a new, dynamic experience; a video that mixes the real and virtual worlds.

The festivals, in two iconic cities, mirror one another, reflecting the events’ launch concept: “Mirroring you, I’ll be your Mirror”.

The story presented in the line-up announcement takes place in CUPRA’s Metahype, a reflection of the real world in an augmented digital landscape, where two avatars use the CUPRA Tavascan to drive to the virtual Primavera Sound events in Barcelona and Madrid.

“CUPRA continues with its ambition to unlock the unexpected. The line-up announcement of the Primavera Sound music festival for 2023 highlights not only some of the greatest artists performing, but also marks the birth of a new edition through reflection. "Mirroring you, I'll be your mirror” is a declaration of intent to our audience: we want to be the mirror of the next generations, both in the real and the metaverse world through our products and unique experiences,” said CUPRA Global Director of Strategy, Business Development & Operations Antonino Labate.

Metahype is a universe that acts as a collaborative space where brands, start-ups, and content creators hold a wide variety of events, gatherings, and experiences for individuals to create and share culture.

Opening in the first half of 2023, Metahype is an experience CUPRA created in the metaverse to strengthen links with a new community of digital natives, awakening the interest of future generations.

Through this universe, the reveal of CUPRA Tavascan gets closer than ever, a dream that is due to become a reality in 2024, as CUPRA continues to electrify its future.

With this collaboration, CUPRA strengthens its passion for music. Through its relationships with Primavera Sound and Boiler Room - one of the world’s biggest electronic music live streaming platforms - it will continue to create unique and emotional experiences and inspire new generations from Barcelona.


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